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Water Remediation

Live Liquid Micro-organisms

Advanced Water Technologies has introduced Live Liquid Micro-Organisms as an environmentally friendly, cost-effective means for lake restoration and beautification. LLMO is a super-concentrated source of micro-organisms that are naturally occurring in healthy aquatic systems and function to cycle nutrients

LG Sonic

Ultrasonic algae control systems from LG Sound, are very specific, underwater sound systems that emit ultrasonic sound waves that destroy algae. By using scientifically proven frequencies, there is a possibility to eliminate many common algae, including the toxic blue-green algae and biofilm build-up.

Vertex Aeration

Adding oxygen to your pond, lake, or reservoir can help reduce the nutrients that promote algae growth by speeding up the breakdown of organic matter at the bottom, reducing the nutrient rich muck build-up and also increase the amount of dissolved oxygen within the water body. Vertex offers diffused aerators to increase the oxygen levels, but also fountains for aesthetic purposes.