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LG Sonic

Basic Model

38% more effective than traditional ultrasonic algae control devices

The basic models contain the dual core multi-frequency technology which combines different frequencies, produced simultaneously, to address all algae in your water body. These models ensure the best transmission of ultrasound into the water with a minimum sound loss and frequency change.

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Monitor Predict Control Model

Interactive Algae & Cyanobacteria control

The patented MPC buoy combines online water quality monitoring, telemetry and ultrasound technology to provide the state-of-the-art treatment against algae and cyanobacteria in ponds, lakes and reservoirs by making use of efficient solar panels, the MPC-buoy will work autonomous 27/7 worldwide.

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Most advanced ultrasonic algae control

This product enables you to change the frequency program, depending on your application or the micro-organism you want to control with up to 4 transmitters on one single electronic box.

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Dual Tester

The dual tester is a sound meter that is designed to measure the effective frequencies of LG Sonic to check its correct operation. The Dual Tester can be used to check whether your LG SonicĀ® is still working, sending the correct frequencies and if ultrasound is being spread throughout your whole water body.

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Flex Arm

This especially designed product offers the possibility to aim the LG Sonic unit better and addresses the problem of installation in water with a fluctuating water level.

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